The Hydraulic De-Watering pump is a lightweight, yet heavy duty pump capable of pumping high volumes of water, sand slurries, gravel, sludge and solids . It features a “free flow” impeller with a direct drive hydraulic motor designed for continuous use, and can be run dry without damage. De- Watering pump weighs just 17 kg, This light weight feature makes it the most convenient equipment for rescue operations.

Technical Specifications

Type Diesel Engine
Dimension (HxD) (mm) 350*370
Outlet Dia (mm) 80
Flow (L/m) 1900
Water Head (mtr) 35
Oil Flow (L/m) 15-38
Weight (kg) 17


  •   Implicit Safety.
  •   Flexibility to order the Hydraulic Motor with integrated valve for Multiple Pump                        discharge.
  •   Robust, reliable & minimal maintenance.
  •   Exclusive “Closed Mono Canal” impeller and body in stainless steel.
  •   Can run dry without problems, zero priming problem.
  •   The pumping chamber can be opened in few minutes for inspection and cleaning.
  •   Can pump very abrasive fluids.

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